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Occupational Health/Corporate Wellness St. Nicholas Hospital’s Corporate Wellness Services offers employees a Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) that typically is the first step of an overall wellness program. The purpose of an HRA is to educate employees about their health status, as well as gather current employee risk status.

What Is an HRA?
The St. Nicholas Hospital HRA questionnaire is a tool that provides individuals with an appraisal or assessment of their current health risks and quality of life. St. Nicholas Hospital uses the University of Michigan Health Management Research Center’s (UM-HMRC) HRA Questionnaire, developed for adults age 19 or older.

Why Do an HRA?
Employees take HRAs to obtain information that can help improve their quality of life, prevent future personal health problems, improve general health, and gain an understanding of the impact of daily life style choices on future health. Typically employer-sponsored wellness programs include HRAs.

Employers use the data to focus health care spending on wellness improvement programs.

How Are the Results Presented?
Employees: The HRA questionnaire results are presented in a personalized report, called a Healthy Lifestyle Profile, which recommends healthy behaviors according to age group, gender, and risk level. The Profile presents the top 3 personal risks and provides resources listed by availability.

Employers: In the case of an employer sponsored HRA program, employers receive a Group Summary Report representing the aggregate scores of all employee participants. Employers do not receive data pertaining to any individual employee.

What Are the Benefits?
The assessment promotes health awareness for the individual by reviewing one’s personal lifestyle practices and identifying health risks that personal choices could affect.

For the employer, the health status of their employees as a group is critical to understand in deciding how best to spend health care resources.

Who Will See the Data?
Individual results are strictly confidential and only available to the participant and wellness coach if follow-up is requested by the participant.

In the case of an employer sponsored program, the aggregate results across the entire employee database is available to the employer. This ensures individual employee data is not recognized by the employer.

What Happens After the HRA Is Completed?
Each participant will receive a Healthy Lifestyle Profile, which is mailed directly to his/her home by the University of Michigan-HMRC. St. Nicholas Hospital provides a follow-up call to participants if requested after they receive their Healthy Lifestyle Profile to answer any questions. This additional service helps support behavior changes toward healthier lifestyles for employees.

If the HRA is part of an employer wellness program, additional actions will be determined based on the program goals.

Health Risk Appraisals Health Risk Appraisals are one of the many services offered by the St. Nicholas Hospital Occupational Health/Corporate Wellness Department.
For complete information about our services, call 920-451-7304.

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