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Prompt medical attention for injured employees is vital for businesses. Our Worksite Program’s Injury Management service assures extensive follow-up care and case management. The goal of injury management is to restore your employees to good health and return them to unrestricted work as quickly as possible. Our experienced, professional staff provides a variety of services with this goal in mind.

Injured employees access our program either through the St. Nicholas Hospital Emergency Department or directly through the Occupational Health/Corporate Wellness Department.

Occupational Health
The Occupational Health clinic offers urgent care for initial work injuries from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm, Monday – Friday. James Kuplic, MD and our nurse practitioners, Cynthia Fisher, APNP and Cathy Sukowaty, APNP provide initial assessment and treatment for a wide variety of work related injuries and illnesses other than major trauma. Unless referred to a specialist, the Occupational Health Services Department provides all follow-up appointments.

Experienced occupational health staff provide information and consultation related to recordability of work injuries/illnesses.

Dr. Kuplic is the Medical Director of the Occupational Health Department. He has 15 years of experience in the treatment of work-related injuries and illness and provides consultation to area employers, including on-site visits. He understands an employer’s need to keep lost days at a minimum and return employees to work on light duty as soon as possible.

Emergency Department (off hours)
Serious or life-threatening workplace injuries sometimes occur. In these circumstances, dial 911 for immediate assistance. Upon arrival at our hospital, physicians who are board certified in Emergency Medicine and other hospital staff specially trained in emergency care will care for your employee. Emergency services at St. Nicholas Hospital are available 24/7.

Post-Accident Drug Testing
Upon request, an employee’s visit for injury treatment can include post-accident drug and alcohol testing. We provide the results of these tests on a timely basis.

Follow-Up Care
You want your employee to return to unrestricted duty safely and quickly. Our Injury Management program ensures that your employee receives follow-up care and assistance toward his/her recovery. Our care team schedules follow-up appointments to reassess the patient and ensure they receive the treatment and other health services needed to facilitate their recovery.

Designated company representatives receive return-to-work forms via fax. Members of our staff are available to assist employers with any questions regarding restrictions or an employee’s ability to return to work. In addition, our team, which includes a certified occupational health nurse and physical and occupational therapists, is available to provide on-site consultations, job evaluations, therapies, and case management.

Case Management
Occupational health and wellness is our specialty. This means that our physicians, nurses, and therapists have a thorough understanding of workplace injuries and how to treat them. Our expertise in this area assures that every employee will receive high quality treatment from experienced professionals enabling him/her to return to health and the workplace as soon as possible.

When appropriate, we incorporate the employee’s job functions into their rehabilitation. This may include:
Occupational and physical therapy.
Job site evaluations.
On-site therapy.
Functional screenings including physical evaluations and work simulations.

Throughout the injury management process, the Occupational Health Department keeps EVERYONE informed – employee, employer, and insurer.

Injury Management is one of the many services offered by the St. Nicholas Hospital Occupational Health/Corporate Wellness Department.
For complete information about our services, call 920-459-4651.

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