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Medications are dispensed to St. Nicholas Hospital patients after a registered pharmacist reviews each medication order for accuracy and safety, including correct dose for age and status of illnesses, potential drug interactions, allergy screening, therapeutic duplication, and appropriate directions for administration. 

Medications are stored in and dispensed from an automated Pyxis system which ensures accuracy and enhances timeliness of medication distribution. Sterile injectable medications and intravenous solutions (IVs) are prepared by skilled technicians under the supervision of a pharmacist. The pharmacist assists physicians by continuously screening medication profiles and associated laboratory results, providing recommendations as indicated.  Upon physician order, drug therapy responses are monitored for antibiotics and anticoagulants. Pharmacists team with dietitians to recommend formulas for optimal intravenous nutrition when needed. Pharmacists respond to medication questions utilizing up-to-date drug information resources. 

A pharmacist is available for consultation 24 hours a day. 


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