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Make the Right Choice

For more than 115 years, St. Nicholas Hospital has represented innovation, vision, and commitment to the health and well-being of Sheboygan County.

Four members of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis arrived in Sheboygan in the spring of 1890, and the first hospital began a short time later when the Sisters founded St. Nicholas Hospital in a two-story building built for them by the community.  St. Nicholas Hospital continues to be a healthcare leader in this community and is the right choice for your healthcare needs.

The Hospital has always been committed to investing in its facilities and equipment to provide the highest quality services with modern technology at a reasonable cost. St. Nicholas Hospital and its physician partners invest wisely in innovative solutions:

Our emergency physicians are board-certified in Emergency Medicine.

A 16-slice CT scanner which is able to perform cutting-edge tests such as noninvasive cardiac imaging.

Unique diagnostic technology combining Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Computed Tomography (CT) technologies into one and used to determine the location and extent of tumor growth. This addition of PET/CT equipment eliminates the need for patients to travel to Milwaukee

The introduction of progressive orthopedic solutions such as Birmingham Hip Resurfacing and a minimally invasive hip replacement surgery.

The area's most advanced magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), the Signa HDx 1.5T, provides accelerated scanning and consistent high quality images for body, vascular, cardiac, neuro, and breast.

Use of the intra-aortic balloon pump for the treatment of heart disease.

Holmium laser for the treatment of kidney stones.

Timely administration of "clot busting" medication to patients in the Emergency Departmentto reduce damage caused by heart attacks and strokes.

A Chest Pain Evaluation Center to better evaluate—and treat—patients with all types of chest pain

A Hospital-based radiation therapy program, improving outcomes for patients with cancer. St. Nicholas Hospital also has a partnership with the Northeast Wisconsin Regional Cancer Collaborative for ground-breaking cancer research and results.

A renal dialysis unit, which saves patients traveling to Milwaukee several times a week to receive lifesaving treatments.

The Center for Pain and Work Rehabilitation, providing relief for people with chronic pain.

A Hospital-based angiography laboratory, providing cardiologists and radiologists with a diagnostic tool for the most timely and accurate detection of heart and vascular disease.

St. Nicholas Hospital uses SpyGlass, an innovative system which is a fiber optic probe that attaches to a camera and provides direct visual access into a patient's biliary duct to improve diagnosis by helping to identify stones, strictures or mass causing obstructions of the bile duct.

St. Nicholas Hospital also acquired three GE LOGIQ E9, a high-tech ultrasound system using agile ultrasound and featuring 3D/4D imaging.

An addition of two hyperbaric oxygen chambers to the Comprehensive Wound Care Center. Hyperbaric oxygen has been scientifically proven to aid in healing wounds that may otherwise lead to amputation.

While our preference is to help you stay healthy, our mission is to ensure that when you need healthcare you'll choose St. Nicholas Hospital, the area's innovative leader in healthcare excellence. St. Nicholas Hospital is committed in assuring that all its programs and services are of the highest quality.  As a strategic initiative the Hospital incorporates a wide variety of performance improvement methodologies through its operations, constantly evaluating the efficacy of its work.

External benchmarking efforts include participation in a number of comparative databases, including the Maryland Hospital Association Quality Indicator Project®.   With more than 1,700 participants, the Project is the largest comparative analysis database of its type in the United States. Project indicators measure facility-level clinical outcomes and focus on areas of care that are universally important to healthcare organizations (e.g., mortality rates, unscheduled readmissions, use of restraints, infection rates). The Project contains data from more than 20 percent of all U.S. hospitals.

St. Nicholas Hospital also participates with the American Heart Association in its "Get with the Guidelines" program for continuous quality improvement for prevention of coronary artery disease. St. Nicholas Hospital has achieved Get with the Guidelines — Coronary Artery Disease Level 1 Hospital recognition for its efforts in implementing standing orders and protocols that are in accordance with the current Secondary Prevention Guidelines for Coronary Artery Disease.

Additional external benchmarks include data compilation and comparison and improvement initiatives from the Wisconsin Hospital Association's CheckPoint Quality initiative, and the American Hospital Association's Hospital Quality Alliance and the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI).

The Hospital also utilizes internal benchmarks in its ongoing efforts to monitor and improve its quality.  Patient satisfaction studies are regularly conducted projects for all inpatient admissions as well as for outpatient services, the Emergency Department, Ambulatory Surgery, and the Comprehensive Rehabilitation Inpatient Unit. The Hospital also conducts Consumer Surveys, Patient Waiting Time Studies, Physician Credentialing, and Physician Peer Review Analysis. The Hospital's Performance Improvement and Quality Care Committees and the Board of Directors receive reports from these data and trends benchmarking efforts for review and action when appropriate.

Choosing St. Nicholas Hospital means that you willbe provided with compassionate, quality care with state of the art technology, a full continuum of programs and services, and highly trained healthcare professionals skilled in all of their specialty areas. St. Nicholas Hospital continuesto be guided by the mission, vision, and values set forth by its founding Sisters over a century ago. It continues under the sole sponsorship of the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis as one of 13 hospitals in Illinois and Wisconsin affiliated with Hospital Sisters Health System.  Its mission of healing and philosophy of caring continues to revolve around treating the whole individual—spiritually and emotionally—as well as physically.

St. Nicholas Hospital is a Catholic non-profit, acute care, community hospital licensed at 185 beds; it employs more than 500 professional, technical, and ancillary people and has a medical staff of more than 150 physicians and allied health professionals.  St. Nicholas Hospital is accredited by the following organizations:  

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
College of American Pathologists
National Committee for Clinical Laboratory Standards
Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
American College of Surgeons/Commission on Cancer
American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation
National Mammography Quality Assurance Advisory Committee
American College of Radiology
State of Wisconsin Level III Trauma Facility

You can reach any St. Nicholas Hospital services by calling 920-459-8300

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