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St. Nicholas Hospital Marketing Campaign
Emergency Department


A new campaign featuring the St. Nicholas Hospital Emergency Department launched on Monday, March 24.

The campaign features our own Emergency Department staff, outlines the strengths of the department and culminates with the statement: St. Nicholas Hospital, not just a good choice, it's the right choice.

 :60 We are Emergency Medicine
 :60 Choose Us



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Direct Mail  
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Our special thanks goes out to the wonderful cast of the campagin - the St. Nicholas Hospital Emergency Department.

Everyone in the Emergency Department was helpful during this campagin development process and we appreciate their enthusiasm. They did an outstanding job and we're confident you'll agree.

Print Ad, Outdoor, Transit, and Direct Mail Television Spots
Fred Gould, MD Margaret Barron, MD
Swen Hilander, MD Fred Gould, MD
Suzanne Martens, MD Pam Krol, MD
Tom Bahr, RN  
Nadine Becker, EMT  
Pam Fisher, RN  
Shannon Gartman, EMT  
Tina Kasprzak, RN  
Randy Krause, EMT  
Kristen Terrazas, RN  



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