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St. Nicholas Hospital is committed to the Wisconsin Hospital Association's initiative of increased transparency within healthcare. Below you will find information related to our billing practices as well as programs we have created to help those in need receive necessary healthcare.

Billing Practices

Guided by the Mission, Vision and Values of St. Nicholas Hospital, we will bring Christ's healing presence to all who come to us by providing family-centered, compassionate care without regard for race, creed, or ability to pay. The following practices are used to ensure accurate patient billing:

  • Patient charges will be processed the same day as they occur, to ensure accuracy and timeliness within the department providing services. Billing must occur at the earliest possible time to ensure claim recovery from all payment sources.
  • All accounts in which insurance information has been provided will be billed on an assigned basis to the insurance company.
  • Follow up with the insurance company will occur every 20 days for Medicare and Medicaid all other insurances will be 30 days after billing. Any balance remaining after payment by insurance will convert to self pay. In the case of the uninsured the balance will immediately become self pay. All accounts with self pay balances will receive a minimum of 3 statements after insurance payment has been received.
  • All accounts listed as self pay at time of service will automatically receive a 10% uninsured discount and a statement sent immediately.
  • If there is insurance received from the patient within 60 days after the statement has been sent the uninsured discount will be reversed and the claim billed within a 2 business days. All other insurance claims requested by the patient after 60 days will be considered per the timely filing deadlines for the patients insurance company. In the case where the patient does not provide insurance to the hospital in a timely manner and the timely filing deadline has passed for their respective insurance company the balance becomes the responsibility of the patient.
  • The account will be referred for pre-collect 45 days after the balance becomes the responsibility of the patient to attempt to make contact with the patient for payment arrangements. The accounts will be returned to the hospital at 90 days to determine further processing.
  • A letter requesting the patient to call to make arrangements on the account if not already completed by the patient will be sent after the 3 rd statement by the pre-collect agency. The patient will have 10 days to make payment arrangements with the hospital.
    • The account will be forwarded to the designated collection agency if the patient has not attempted to make arrangements for payment on the account and the account will be written off to bad debt. No accounts shall be written off without due diligence of a minimum three statements and an internal collection letter by the pre-collect agency allowing the patient 10 days for responding regarding payment in full or monthly payment arrangements. Accounts shall be referred for collection and credit reporting.
    • All possible amounts for Medicare accounts shall be submitted on the cost report for recovery, with appropriate documentation.
  • When in the instance the collection agency can not obtain payment arrangements with the patient the account will be referred to small claims court to obtain a judgment for payment on the specified account(s).

Community Care applications will be offered to all patients who express an inability to pay their balances.

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