Comprehensive Wound Care Center

The Comprehensive Wound Care Center is dedicated to providing advanced wound care interventions. The Center’s goals are to provide:

  • Acute and chronic wound care management
  • Disease- and condition-specific patient and caregiver education
  • Access to the most cost-effective wound care technology and specialty- trained and certified physicians and staff
  • Access to a wide referral base within the hospital system and campus

The Wound Care Center offers specialized care for leg and foot ulcers and other wounds often caused by diabetes, poor circulation and unhealed surgical incisions. It is staffed by  wound care specialists and trained nursing staff, who provide wound care and work with physicians to coordinate patients’ multidisciplinary care needs.

The Wound Care Center also is the only facility in Sheboygan County to offer hyperbaric oxygen therapy, giving residents access to state-of-the art wound care for acute and chronic wounds right here in Sheboygan.

Wound care services include:


Following a comprehensive examination and detailed workup for wound healing risk factors, a comprehensive treatment plan is developed.

Photo Documentation

As part of the ongoing evaluation process, digital photographs are used to document the progress of healing.

Treatment Plan

A comprehensive treatment plan is developed for each patient. Plans may include:

  • Wound cleaning and debridement
  • Specialized dressings
  • Advanced biological tissues
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy
  • Medications
  • Physical therapy
  • Nutritional support

Follow-Up Care

Progress and treatment needs are monitored and assessed throughout wound healing. The Wound Care team works with the patient’s primary physician to develop an evidence-based, clinical plan to promote healing.

For more information on the Wound Center, please call (920) 459-5180.