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Alphabetical Listing of All Classes

AARP Smart Driver Course
Students learn defensive driving techniques, new traffic laws, and rules of the road. They find out how to safely adjust their driving to compensate for normal age-related changes in vision, hearing, and reaction time. There are no written tests or behind-the-wheel training. Fee: $15 for AARP members and $20 for non-members. Checks payable to AARP. Participants must bring their drivers license and AARP membership card to the class.

Advance Health Planning
Most people have firm ideas about the type of medical care they want, or don't want, to receive. However, if you were unable to communicate your wishes, would your family know what to do? An Advance Directive for Healthcare ensures that your wishes are carried out. Learn more about the use of Advance Directives and receive assistance in completing them. Scheduled by appointment only.

This class, specifically designed for youth, will teach the basics of babysitting, including child safety for all ages, stages of development, activities to do with children, weather safety, basic CPR/AED information and personal safety tips. Class size is limited. This class is designed for youth ages 10-15.

Balance Screenings
Falls are a leading cause of injury. If you experience dizziness or loss of balance, consider this 15-minute screening to assess your balance.

Birthing Basics
With so many decisions and questions during pregnancy and so many people willing to offer information and advice, where does one turn? Plan to take this two hour FREE class during your second trimester of pregnancy and have many of your questions answered. Receive an in depth tour of the birthing center and additional information related to hospital policies and programs. A brief overview of what to expect when you go into labor, what to bring to the hospital, pain relief options, and other valuable information is included. Bring your support person.

Breastfeeding Basics
If you are thinking about breastfeeding, the time to prepare is before birth. This certified lactation consultant led class will help you prepare for breastfeeding. In one evening, you will learn the basic skills to enhance your breastfeeding experience. Couples are encouraged to attend. Classes are available the second Tuesday of the month.

Car Seat Safety Check
Car seat installation can be confusing! A car seat check will make sure your seat is appropiately installed in your vehicle and educate you on proper fitting techniques. Car Seat Safety checks are available by our Certified Car Seat Technician.

Participants are asked to bring their child(if able), both car seat and vehicle owner's manuals.

Childbirth Education-Online
New!! Our online childbirth class is ideal for those expectant parents who can't attend an on-site childbirth class due to work schedules, time constraints, or medical conditions. The eight-chapter program is an interactive, web-based class that uses videos, personal birth stories, animations,activities, and games to teach all the essential information parents need to know to prepare for their birth. Your eClass registration includes online access for 90 days following your initial log-in.

Childbirth Readiness- Three Week
This three-week class is recommended for expecting parents in the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy.

Fathers and/or coaches will learn how they can assist expectant mothers during labor and delivery. Fee is $35/couple. Registration fee includes participant and coach, class materials, and tour. Only the expectant mother needs to register.

Expecting mothers are asked to wear comfortable clothing, and to bring their coach and (2) pillows to class.

Childbirth Readiness/Baby Care- One Day Class
This one day "express" class is recommended for expecting parents in the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy.

Fathers and/or coaches will learn how they can assist expectant mothers during labor and delivery.

Fee is $35/couple. Registration fee includes participant and coach, class materials, and tour.

Only the expectant mother needs to register. Expecting mothers are asked to wear comfortable clothing, and to bring their coach and (2) pillows to class.

There will be a built in lunch break and participants are encouraged to bring their own lunch.

Childbirth Readiness/Baby Care- Two Day
This two-day class is recommended for expecting parents in the seventh and eighth months of pregnancy.

Fathers and/or coaches will learn how they can assist expectant mothers during labor and delivery.

Fee is $35/couple. Registration fee includes participant and coach, class materials, and tour. Only the expectant mother needs to register.

Expecting mothers are asked to wear comfortable clothing, and to bring their coach and (2) pillows to class.

Cholesterol - Lipid Screening
Cholesterol is a leading indicator of heart disease. Learn your risk with this simple screening. The hospital lab at St. Nicholas offers open hours Monday-Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Appointments are not required for walk-in hours. Fees for services: Lipid profile (cholesterol, HDL, calc. LDL, and triglycerides; 12-hour fast) - $35; Cholesterol/HDL (non-fasting) - $15.

Diabetes Foot Clinics
Complete diabetic assessment, education and nail clipping - $30; Non-Diabetic nail clipping only - $25. To make an appointment at St. Nicholas Hospital - Diabetes Services call 920-459-5192.

Diabetes Screenings
The American Diabetes Association recommends testing for everyone age 45 and up. Diabetes checks are available in the Diabetes Services offices at St. Nicholas Hospital by appointment only. There is no charge. To make an appointment, please call 920-459-5192.

Experiencing Grief
Grief is a feeling of distress caused by separation or loss of a loved one, a job, a dream, or more. It's important to know that everyone grieves in their own way and there are different stages of grief. We're here to help people cope with their grief and provide a better understanding of the grieving process.

Flu Vaccination/Shrug the Bug Flu Clinics
In recent years the flu vaccine has become easily available in pharmacies and most physician offices. This new trend has decreased the need for St. Nicholas Hospital to provide mass public flu immunizations. We will continue to provide vaccinations to group homes, assisted living facilities and underserved populations.

Grandparenting Today
Things have changed since your children were babies. Learn what's new in child safety, development, and health.

Hello Brother, Hello Sister...
No doubt about it – a child brings changes to every family. Help your young child and/or children feel special while they prepare for the arrival of a new brother or sister. The new big brother or sister will participate in activities to learn important information about welcoming a new baby into the home. For siblings 3-8 years of age and their parents. Siblings attending this class are asked to bring a plain, white (or light) colored t-shirt.

Each participant is asked to register.

Hope After Loss Organization - HALO Support Group
When babies come into our lives and are too quickly and quietly gone, they leave lasting footprints on our hearts. At St. Nicholas Hospital, we believe those lives are precious and should be honored and remembered no matter how brief their life was. HALO is a Pregnancy Loss and Newborn Death Support Program created to support parents and their families in whatever stage of pregnancy loss they find themselves; miscarriage, ectopic, stillbirth, or early newborn death. The HALO support group meets the first Thursday of the month at St. Nicholas Hospital. For more information about this program, please contact 920-457-5770, and ask to speak to a HALO representative.

Infant Care Class
Learn how to care for your new infant. Class includes bathing, diapering, feeding and what to expect in the hospital and during those first few weeks of life. Newborn characteristics and growth patterns as well as illness and colic are also covered.

Living Beyond Prostate Cancer
This support group provides men with information about prostate cancer, treatment, side effects, and how to cope with the disease and its treatment. Men can share their concerns at this free forum. Registration is not required.

Living Well with Chronic Conditions Class
Living Well with Chronic Conditions (the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program) is a 6-week workshop. It teaches real-life skills for living a full, healthy life with a chronic condition such as: cancer,diabetes, arthritis, high blood pressure, heart disease, chronic pain and anxiety.

Classes are fun and interactive. Participants share their successes and build a common source of support. The workshop builds confidence around managing health, staying active and enjoying life!

Look Good...Feel Better
Women who are currently undergoing treatment for a cancer diagnosis are encouraged to attend. Only program participants may attend the workshop. Due to confidentiality and comfort level of the patients, as well as space restrictions, this protocol is necessary. This ensures that the participant receives full attention to gain the skills and confidence for increased independence.

A patient may attend more than one workshop, however, she should bring her LGFB cosmetic kit with her to the additional workshop. Patients with a recurrence of cancer and who are receiving another round of treatment may attend another workshop and receive a new cosmetic kit.

Registration is required.

Mammogram Screening
To schedule an appointment, please call 920/459-5171.

Miracle Point Brain Injury Support Group
Support group for survivors of traumatic or acquired brain injury and their family and friends. It is a place to find support for and information about brain injury and living life afterwards. Opportunities for community involvement and professional speakers occur as requested.

This group meets on the first Monday of each month during the months of October through May.

Multisport Helmets
80% of bicycle-related head injuries can be prevented with properly fitted bicycle helmets. Multisport helmets provide extra protection for scooter and rollerblade enthusiasts, too. Sizes for toddlers through adults. All helmets are properly fitted to the wearer. Fee: $15.

Daily at St. Nicholas Hospital's Emergency Department.

Available: April through September, Monday-Sunday, 8:00a.m.-Noon each day (based on ER volume there maybe waiting time involved.)

Natural Family Planning
Natural Family Planning (NFP) is an effective, church-approved method of planning pregnancy through observing and interpreting fertility signs. For more information or to register, visit the Couple to Couple League at Fee: $75 (scholarship funding is available).

Nutrition Education
One-on-one nutrition education and counseling is available to help individuals manage their weight, cholesterol levels or other nutrition-related health concerns. Sessions must be scheduled individually. Fee.

Daily - By appointment in the Nutrition Services Offices at St. Nicholas Hospital and Prevea Plymouth Health Center.

Pets and Your Newborn
A veterinarian offers tips to help smooth the getting-acquainted process between your newborn and your pet. Free.

Renal Dialysis
End-stage renal disease patients prepare for the time when they will need dialysis.

Safe Driver Assessment
Occupational Therapists at St. Nicholas Hospital are able to assess skill areas that may affect your ability to drive safely. These areas include vision, perception, cognition, and motor performance. There is no over-the-road testing performed. This assessment is appropriate for clients concerned with physical changes due to age or disability, mental changes, and difficulty maintaining focus.

One must obtain a doctor’s prescription for a driving assessment prior to calling St. Nicholas Hospital Rehabilitation Services at 920/459-4642 to schedule an appointment.

TLC: Together we Live with Cancer
Together we Live with Cancer (TLC) is a "Supportive Community" that provides cancer survivors, their families, friends, and caregivers with health and wellness opportunities for the body, mind, heart and spirit. TLC offers "Support & Sandwich Sessions for Cancer Survivors & Caregivers" that meet twice a month, a quarterly Supportive Newsletter, and a variety of Survivor Activities throughout the year. All TLC events and activities are open to anyone experiencing cancer in their life (survivors, family, friends and caregivers) throughout the many stages of the disease (newly diagnosed, in treatment, or months and years after diagnosis). TLC is sponsored by Matthews Oncology Associates, Sheboygan Cancer & Blood Specialists, and St. Nicholas Hospital. Registration is not required.

Vascular Screenings
Men and women over the age of 50 with the following risk factors should consider having this screening:

*Diabetes *Smoking history *High cholesterol *High blood pressure *Family history of heart disease

Results are available the same day and you will meet with one of our vascular specialists to review your results and answer questions.

Wisconsin Tobacco Quit Line
The Quit Line is free, sponsored by the Wisconsin Department of Health Services. Call 1-800-QUIT-NOW

Wisconsin Well Woman
This program provides mammograms for women ages 50-64 who are uninsured or underinsured and who meet income guidelines.

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