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A variety of industrial rehabilitation programs are available through our Occupational Health Department. We designed these programs to prevent injury and/or facilitate an employee’s return from injury. These services can occur at the hospital or at the worksite.

On-Site Services
We design our on-site services to help your employees avoid workplace injuries which keep them on the job and productive.

Ergonomic Job Analysis and Worksite Evaluations
A rehabilitation therapist evaluates the job site, work function, and risks – in essence, an evaluation of the employee and the physical relationships of his/her work station. Our therapist analyzes the worker (gender, age, health, size) and work (materials handled, movement, weight). The resulting job description identifies essential physical job functions required by the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Post-Offer/Pre-Work Screening
Based on the Ergonomic Job Analysis and Worksite Evaluation, our therapist develops a specific post-offer, pre-placement, on-site screen for the potential employee, assuring the applicant is able to perform his/her required job functions safely and successfully.

Prevention and Education
Teaching individuals the principles of ergonomics and proper body mechanics is a critical factor in preventing injuries. Our programs include education in back injuries and prevention, cumulative trauma disorders (such as carpal tunnel syndrome), stretching, and fitness.

On-Site Intervention and Therapy
An employee needs on-site intervention and therapy when an injury occurs or a job-related health concern begins.

Early Intervention
OSHA-recordable musculoskeletal disorders (MSD) can be avoided through early intervention. A rehabilitation therapist specializing in workplace injuries provides first aid and injury prevention education for employees at the workplace anytime an individual experiences early symptoms on the job.

Ergonomics is designed to help your business reduce musculoskeletal concerns. Our rehabilitation therapist will help you create an OSHA-compliant program that includes hazard information reporting, job hazard analysis, and musculoskeletal disorder management.

Functional Capacity Evaluation
A Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE) is a multi-hour assessment and demonstrates an individual’s ability to perform the functional tasks of the job. The FCE is an excellent tool in determining potential individual job matches. It also provides objective data for planning an employee’s treatment after an injury.

Work Rehabilitation
Returning an injured employee to work involves a number of steps. Work conditioning/hardening is useful for musculoskeletal and neurological injuries and illnesses. This structured, goal-oriented approach addresses productivity, safety, physical tolerances, and worker behaviors and offers a smooth transition between acute care and the employee’s return to work.

Industrial Rehabilitation is one of the many services offered by the St. Nicholas Hospital Occupational Health/Corporate Wellness Department.
For complete information about our services, call 920-459-4680.

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