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Care management focuses on outcomes to enhance the quality of patient care through effective and efficient use of the Hospital's resources.  Strategies utilized include guidelines, protocols, standardized order sets, patient education, communication with insurance companies to certify the medical necessity of hospital care, and discharge planning.

Care management services are available to assist patients and their families as they deal with problems which often accompany illness.  Services may include counseling with the patient and family in areas such as financial problems, marriage or family problems arising out of the patient's illness, and discharge planning.  Staff assists patients and families with arranging services (i.e., LIFELINE, nursing home, and home care nursing) which may be necessary before or after discharge either at the patient’s home or at another facility.

Care management services are provided by social workers with bachelor's or master's degrees in social service and registered nurses with specialized education and training in discharge planning and utilization management.  Services are available to address social work and discharge planning needs of patients ranging from newborns to geriatric patients and are also available to those patients/families utilizing the facility on an outgoing basis (including Emergency Department usage). Services are also available to individuals in the community requesting assistance regardless of status as prior, current, or future patients.

A Patient Advocate, a registered nurse with specialized training, investigates patient complaints/referrals regarding services provided and ensures appropriate organizational follow-up, including explanation of Hospital policies and routines. 

The Patient Advocate and Care Management staff provides other special services to patients/families, including explanation and assistance with Advance Directives, assisting patients and families with end-of-life decision making, facilitating family meetings, and arranging for assistance with interpretive services.

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