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While you are hospitalized at St. Nicholas Hospital, some of your treatment will be under the guidance of hospitalists. Hospitalists are internal medicine physicians who specialize in the care of patients within the hospital setting. The St. Nicholas Hospital program is a pilot program with hospitalists available on weekends.


Who will be my hospitalist while I am in the hospital?
You may see more than one hospitalist during your stay. Each physician, however, works as a member of the hospitalist team to assure you prompt, high-quality care. Each day, physicians who are involved in your care will discuss your case. This sharing of information will help determine the best course of treatment for you.

Can I ask questions?
Please do! You are a key partner...the more you understand about your illness and treatment, the better you can prevent complications and future problems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or seek clarification on anything you don’t understand.

When will my hospitalist see me?
In a full-time hospitalist program, your hospitalist will see you at least once daily. If your care requires more attention, the hospitalist may see you several times a day. Our Hospitalists are available on weekends and will expand their coverage to 24/7 in the future.

When can my family speak tothe hospitalist?
We suggest that you and your family talk with the hospitalist at the same time. That will promote communication and allow all of you to have your questions answered. The best time to meet with the hospitalist is when he or she visits your room. We suggest you keep a notepad near your bed to jot down questions you or your family members have. If it’s not possible for you all to meet with the hospitalist, a family member who has a question can leave a note with your nurse requesting a call from the hospitalist.

Will my family doctor continue to be informed about my illness and treatment?
We strive to keep your family doctor involved in your treatment and informed about every aspect of your illness and care. While you are hospitalized, your family doctor may visit you and discuss your case with the hospitalist. When you are discharged, your doctor will receive a complete summary, including test results and any medications given. This often is in your doctor’s office before you are discharged, allowing your doctor to provide any follow-up care you need.

What if I need another specialist while I am in the hospital?
The hospitalist coordinates your treatment and will help you get specialty care when needed. As your condition improves, the specialist may return you to the hospitalist for care.

Will the use of a Hospitalist increase my hospital bill?
No – only one physician per discipline per day will bill you. You may also receive a separate bill from your primary care physician for days you are not under the care of the hospitalists. Other physicians who provide service outside the internal medicine realm will also bill through their office.

Who will I receive a bill from?

  • SNH for your hospital stay and cost incurred with the hospital
  • Primary physician for managing your care on weekdays.
  • Hospitalist for managing your care on weekends.
  • Other specialists who provide services

Hospitalists Brochure (pdf)

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