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AWAKE Sleep Apnea Information and Support Group
Provides information and resources for people who have sleep apnea and for people who may think they have sleep apnea. Information on current medical therapy and coping with CPAP therapy is presented and discussed. 

Climbing the Mountain of Grief: Youth Support Group
Young people who experience the loss of a loved one often feel alone.  Because children often experience grief differently than adults, the Youth Grief Support Group helps children follow their own natural grieving patterns.  Through age-appropriate activities, bereavement facilitators help children, work through their grief, learn to accept the reality of their loss, express their feelings in appropriate ways, commemorate the life that is finished, and learn to go on with life and loving.

Diabetes/Nutrition Community Forums
Like any chronic condition, diabetes presents challenges to individuals coping with it.  Diabetes Community Forums provide education and social activities for individuals with diabetes.  Speakers and activities help people cope with various aspects of their condition, while opportunities for sharing and questions assure participants that they are not alone.  Participation is free; however, registration is required. 

Experiencing Grief Support Group
Grief is a feeling of distress caused by separation, or loss...the loss of a loved one...the loss of a job...loss of a lifelong dream...and more. Our grief group is not limited to anyone for any reason, but more inclusive of anyone who experiences any type of grief.

Gastric Bypass Support Group
Information and support for people who have had a Gastric Bypass.

Hope After Loss Organization
When babies come into our lives and are too quickly and quietly gone, they leave lasting footprints on our hearts. At St. Nicholas Hospital, we believe those lives are precious and should be honored and remembered no matter how brief their life was. HALO is a Pregnancy Loss and Newborn Death Support Program created to support parents and their families in whatever stage of pregnancy loss they find themselves; miscarriage, ectopic, stillbirth, or early newborn death. Caring support is offered whether the loss is sudden and unexpected, or needed because the baby has an anomaly not compatible with life outside the womb. If the mother wants to carry the baby to term, however long that may be, support and help is provided to her as she continues to provide a hospice for her baby. For more information about this program, please contact Cori Salchert RN, Bereavement Specialist - HALO at 920-451-7572.

Look Good...Feel Better
Licensed beauty professionals discuss skin care, nail care, makeup, and hair loss options to help women deal with the appearance-related side effects of cancer treatment. Look Good...Feel Better is a non-medical, product-neutral program offered in partnership with the American Cancer Society, the National Cosmetology Association, and the Cosmetic Toiletry, and Fragrance Association. Registration required.

Man to Man Prostate Cancer Support Group
The American Cancer Society and St. Nicholas Hospital co-sponsor this group which provides men with information about prostate cancer, treatment, side effects, and how to cope with the disease and its treatment. Men can share their concerns at this free forum and registration is not required.

Miracle Point Brain Injury Support Group
Education and support for brain injury survivors, their caregivers, family members, and friends.

Restless Leg Syndrome Support Group

Information and resources for people who have restless legs syndrome. Learn about the symptoms and current medical therapy for RLS. Information is also presented on support resources available through the National Restless Legs Foundations and reliable internet resources.

Stroke Support Group
Educational and social activities for stroke survivors, their caregivers, family members, and friends.

Together We Live with Cancer (TLC)
Together we Live with Cancer (TLC) is a "Supportive Community" that provides cancer survivors, their families, friends, and caregivers with health and wellness opportunities for the body, mind, heart and spirit. TLC offers Group Survivorship Sessions that meet twice a month, a quarterly Supportive Newsletter, and a variety of Survivor Activities throughout the year. All TLC events and activities are open to anyone experiencing cancer in their life (survivors, family, friends and caregivers) throughout the many stages of the disease (newly diagnosed, in treatment, or months and years after diagnosis). TLC is sponsored by Matthews Oncology Associates, Sheboygan Cancer & Blood Specialists, and St. Nicholas Hospital. Registration is not required. For more information on upcoming sessions, topics and activities contact Tim E. Renzelmann at 920-458-7433.

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