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A team approach to the treatment of work-related injuries involves physicians, occupational health professionals, rehabilitation specialists, the injured worker, and employers, and assists in and enhances the rehabilitation process. The St. Nicholas Hospital Center for Pain and Work Rehabilitation and Occupational Health Services use the nationally recognized Isernhagen Work Systems to bring these facets of treatment and recovery together. Isernhagen is a total work rehabilitation and work injury prevention program that incorporates each part of a work-related injury—-from prevention to rehabilitation to a safe and rapid return to work.

Isernhagen's goals are safe, efficient work and productive, healthy workers. Therefore, its programs may be put into place on the job site before an injury happens to reduce the chance of on-the-job injuries and ensure that employers and workers receive the best outcomes for both the individual and the company.  Isernhagen may be used alone or in conjunction with the St. Nicholas Hospital Workplace Health Program.

Through Isernhagen, the employee/employer/healthcare professional team can take advantage of the following:

Functional capacity evaluation (demonstration of an individual's capabilities for function tasks of the job)
Work conditioning/hardening
Functional job analysis (identification and evaluation of the physical relationships of work through an analysis of work, worker, and work site)
Job-site rehabilitation and coaching
Pre-work screening (review of functional tasks of the job as compared to the medical and physical capabilities and aptitudes of the worker)

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Medical Director: Sridhar V. Vasudevan, MD
Medical Liaison:  Rehabilitation Services - Scott T. Glaeser, MD

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