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March 17, 2010

The St. Nicholas Hospital Athletic Health Center Sponsors Athletic Training Olympics

Sheboygan, Wis.—The St. Nicholas Hospital Athletic Health Center sponsored the 4th Annual Athletic Training Olympics at South High School on Wednesday, March 17.

More than 40 students from North and South High School were invited to compete in seven different events related to athletic training and rehabilitation. The events consisted of:

  • Toe Object Pick-Up: Athletes need to pick up a variety of items from the floor into a small container using only their feet. This is an ankle sprain rehabilitation exercise.
  • ASO Ankle Brace Application: Athletes put on an ankle brace as quickly as they can while having the ankle brace still be effective.
  • Dyna-Disk Balance Competition: Athletes balance on air-filled disk while catching balls from their partner. This is a tool used in ankle/knee rehabilitation and is also a great core exercise.
  • Single Leg Triple Jump: Athletes jump on one foot three time as far as they can. This is used as one of the determining factors in return-to-play from serious knee injuries.
  • Stool Scoot Team Race: Athletes partner up and race around cones while using one leg to propel a stool. This is a great exercise for hamstrings and quadriceps that is used in knee rehabilitation.
  • Obstacle Course
  • Relay Race

North High School, the overall finisher in the last three years of the Athletic Training Olympics, won again this year by a six point margin.

"This event has increasingly become popular among the students since we began the competition a few years ago," said Chris Lenz, LAT. "The Athletic Training Olympics is a fun, competitive event for students to help commemorate National Athletic Training Month."

The results are as follow:

Toe Object Pick-Up

  1. Jake Pribbernow, South High School , 33.03 seconds (event record)
  2. Dan Keil, South High School

ASO Ankle Brace Application

  1. Sandra Reetz, South   High School , 32.40 seconds
  2. Joe Marsho, North High School

Dyna Disk Balance

  1. Brady Callahan, South   High School , 46
  2. Jenna Lacy, North High School

Single Leg Triple Jump - Male

  1. Cory Bogenschuetz, South   High School , 26 feet 11 inches
  2. Charlie Belanger, North High School

Single Leg Triple Jump - Female

  1. Mykki Bordeau, North High School , 21 feet
  2. Trisha Balma, South High School

Stool Scoot Team Races - Female

  1. Brittany Gabrielson and Grace Garni, South High School , 31.00 seconds
  2. Megan Copsey abd Kristina Kaat, North High School

Stool Scoot Team Races - Male

  1. Quinn Delahunt and Nick Lardinois, North   High School , 25.65 seconds
  2. Dan Keil and Travis Arenz, South High School  

Obstacle Course

  1. Mykki Bordeau, North, High School, 58.69 seconds
  2. Jake Pribbernow, South High School

Relay Race - Male

  1. Dan Keil, Corey Bogenschuetz, Travis Arenz, and Joe Garni, South High School, 29.65 seconds
  2. Quinn Delahunt, Nick Lardinois, Jon Langan, and Joe Marsho, North High School

Relay Race - Female

  1. Mykki Bordeau, Jenna Lacy, Meghan Belanger, and Abby Fehrman, North High School, 35.38 seconds
  2. Jaslyn Posewitz, Brittney Gabrielson, Kara Selk, and Molly Burkhard,  South High School

Overall Final Score

North High School - 108
South High School- 102

For more information about the event, contact Chris Lenz, LAT, at 920-803-7716 .

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