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November 17 , 2008

Diabetes Prevention:
St. Nicholas Offers Free Screening and 5 Tips for Taking Control

Sheboygan, Wis. -November is National Diabetes Month. In the United States, experts at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention expect diabetes to affect more than 48 million people by 2050. And, today, 6.2 million people are not aware that they have this disease. St. Nicholas Hospital is offering free Diabetes screenings on Wednesday, November 19, 2008, from 10 a.m. 11 a.m. at Community Bank, Taylor Drive , Sheboygan .

Type 2 diabetes is the most common form of diabetes. Prevention is the most important priority, especially if you are overweight or have a family history of the disease.

The St. Nicholas Hospital Diabetes Self-Management Program was recently awarded an Education Recognition Certificate by the American Diabetes Association. The Diabetes Center offers group and individual accredited education classes that:

  • Define diabetes and its effects
  • Monitors blood sugar
  • Provides insulin management including insulin pump and CGMS
  • Manages oral medication
  • Offers nutrition counseling and meal planning
  • Provides Diabetes Forums/Support Groups
  • Provides exercise training
  • Offers classes in Stress Management
  • Manages diabetes during a woman's pregnancy

Diabetes prevention is as basic as losing extra weight and developing healthier eating habits. In addition, consider these diabetes prevention tips from the American Diabetes Association: 1) Get more physical activity; 2) Get plenty of fiber; 3) Eat whole grain foods; 4) Lose extra weight; 5) Skip fad diets but still make healthier choices.

The American Diabetes Association also recommends blood glucose screening for everyone age 45 and older who's overweight. If you're older than 45 and at a normal weight or if you're younger than age 45 and overweight with one or more additional risk factors such as sedentary lifestyle or a family history of diabetes, ask your doctor about testing.

The St. Nicholas Hospital Diabetes Center offers a full continuum of care including diabetes education, endocrinology services, care plan management and nutrition therapy. The Hospital also offers free diabetes checks in the Diabetes Services offices at St. Nicholas Hospital and Plymouth Medical Plaza, by appointment only. To make an appointment call 459-5292 (St. Nicholas) or 892-2576 ( Plymouth Medical Plaza ).

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St. Nicholas Hospital is a non-profit hospital sponsored by the Hospital Sisters of St. Francis located at 3100 Superior Avenue, Sheboygan, Wisconsin. Their mission and vision is to provide family-centered, compassionate care without regard for race, creed, or ability to pay. This is achieved through the core values of respect, care, competence, and joy.

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