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March 27, 2009

Representative Thomas Petri Visits St. Nicholas Hospital

Sheboygan, Wis. --St. Nicholas Hospital welcomed Congressman Tom Petri, who represents Wisconsin's 6th District, as he visited the Hospital today.

An important topic on people's mind was "healthcare reform". Petri shared with hospital leaders that he and others in Congress have thought a lot about healthcare reform but none of them have found a perfect plan. He feels that there are three major things people are looking for in healthcare reform; ensuring high-quality, low-cost, and universal coverage. Petri has discussed this topic with many experts and feel that there is a way to provide two out of the three concerns but finding a plan for all three will be difficult. Petri believes that the Massachusetts Health Plan is a good model to investigate.

Petri also shared that he would like the healthcare industry to move towards electronic file sharing while providing and protecting people's privacy.

"This is the way of the future," Petri said. "The savings for electronic file sharing are considerable and the quality of care will be improved because there will a reduction in mistakes happening."

Marty Folan, Director, Spiritual and Pastoral Care Services, asked Petri to share his view on the Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA) .

FOCA would be a federal law that will create a "right" to an abortion and take away the power of the 50 states to enact restrictions on abortions, including bans on "partial birth" abortions and parental notification laws.

Petri mentioned that has received a lot of mail from constituents who are concerned about FOCA.

"I am 100 percent in support of the sanctity of life and recognize that life is a continuum," said Petri. "I feel that we should not restrict people's abilities to choose to not do something that is against their religious or moral values."

Petri wants his constituents to know that this issue is worth talking about and expressing concern to every elected official.

Petri also discussed the Employees Free Choice Act that has considerable support in the House. If passed, this act would change the current union election system that is based on the principle of democracy, free and fair elections where ballots are cast in private and free from interference or influence by either side. Petri said he is not in support of the act because if passes there is no privacy and feel that it can become difficult for people at work and the possibility of harassment.

Petri remarked to Hospital leaders about the changes he's observed with the new administration. Petri felt that most Americans weren't conscious of how the whole world had watched the presidential election through various media and electronic outlets.

"I've met and spoken to a few people in other countries who were surprised that the United States had such a positive presidential campaign," said Petri. The election was a measure of good will and Petri understands that there are many different views but wants to keep things on a positive level.

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